Who are we? CP!

The Vietnamese Student Association of the University of Maryland at College Park was founded in 1978 to serve as an educational and social voice for the Vietnamese American community on campus and the DC Metropolitan area. It has maintained a tradition that is full of great achievements, with many blossoming faces that have gone on to all walks of life, showing the world their work, courage, and spirit. These faces have been us, and are still a part of us - The Vietnamese Student Association of UMCP.


We incorporate culture in our organization through our annual culture show, Family Night, and other events throughout the year.


Family is an important part of VSA, and we have a mentorship program called ACE, which stands for Anh Chi Em.


We've won Turkey Bowl for the past 2 years, and we have winning intramural teams too!


We attend a variety of events with other VSA's around the region. Join us as we travel along the East Coast!

"VSA will give you experiences of a lifetime! Could not have asked for a better family."

Upcoming Events

We always have events going on! Here's what's coming up next.

Family Night 39 | March 11th @ 6:30 pm @ Hoff Theater

Quick! An evil Syndicate organization is terrorizing the people of Hanoi, and threatens to take over the entire city! Luckily, Minh, and the rest of Lotus Detectives is on the case! What are you going to do? The show not only features this storyline, but also modern and traditional fashion, modern and traditional dance, guest performances and much more. Join us as we see how the mystery unfolds, support your friends as most of them are 1st-timers on stage, and learn a bit about Vietnamese culture! See the Facebook Event for more details!

Are you ready to join UMCP VSA?

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