UMCP VSA Mission Statement

Founded in 1978, the Vietnamese Student Association at the University of Maryland, College Park (UMCP VSA) serves as an educational and social voice for the Vietnamese American community on campus and the Washington DC Metropolitan area. Through cultural and social events, UMCP VSA members can collaborate and share common interests on local, national and/or international issues, which are relevant to the Vietnamese American community. Throughout the Year, VSA hosts many events that promote culture, team bonding, and personal development.

The Vietnamese Student Association at the University of Maryland, College Park has maintained a tradition that is full of great achievements, with many blossoming faces that have gone on to all walks of life, showing the world their work, courage, and spirit. These faces have been us, and are still part of us.

UMCP VSA is part of the Mid-Atlantic Union of Vietnamese Student Association (MAUVSA) and works together with other schools across the VA, MD, and the DC metropolitan area. MAUVSA is part of an even larger entity, the Union of North American Vietnamese Student Association (UNAVSA). Together they work collaboratively on many collective projects.

Through the years of hard work and dedication, our association has raised campus awareness of our rich culture, with events such as Family Night. We take pride in knowing that we are still one of the few culturally and socially based student groups on campus. In addition, UMCP VSA has been a voice, helping hand, and force in bringing life and change to the Vietnamese American community in the Washington DC Metropolitan area. We have taken part in speaking up for our peoples rights, in helping out compatriots and our youth in refugee camps with some of our spirit and material comfort from funds raised from events.

We are not only what we have been, but also what we make ourselves now and in the time to come. We hope to contribute even more to our campus, our community and to the future. This great tradition is yours to participate and be actively involved. Let us come together for a new beginning, for a good cause.

Collective Philanthropy Project

Every year, Vietnamese Student Associations around the country collaborate and work towards a charitable cause. The Union of North American Vietnamese Student Associations (UNAVSA), an organization which encompasses all of the VSA's in the North American region, runs a year-long campaign that benefits a non-profit organization, and this year's beneficiary is Messengers of Love, an organization that provides and supports underprivileged children in remote villages and mountainous areas. They hope to meet the physical, emotional, spiritual, and educational needs of all children.