Events 2020-2021

Relive some of our favorite moments from all of our events!

Date Auction | February 5th

Date auction is around the corner just in time for Valentine's Day 👀. Check out all these cute peoples and score yourself a date. Not to mention, every dollar goes to CHARITY🥰!!!! Do it for the kids!!! ❤️ Who does the money go to? Our CPP, Messengers of Love! Their mission statement is: "To provide physical, mental, emotional and educational support to the orphaned and under privileged children of Vietnam through programs and services such as: Scholarship for a Poor Child, Holiday Care Packages, English and Character class, Workforce Preparation and Training, Summer School, Safe Shelter and Clean Water programs."

Alumni Panel | January 28th

Stressing about your career path? Need some advice and want someone to talk to? Or do you miss some old vsa faces? Come out to our Alumni Panel! We will be having some UMCP VSA alumni from many different fields come out and talk about their experiences and to offer any advice they will have! Also come out to catch up with some of them! 🥰🥰

UMCP x UMBC VSA: New Years Collab | January 15th

We hope everybody is having an amazing winter break so far! ☺️ Looking for something to do? Come out to our first ever collab with UMBC's VSA to play some games and meet new people! 😮👀

UMCP VSA Merch | January 9th-24th

Is it that time of year again already? 😱Yes it is! We're happy to present this year's VSA Merch with a VSA Comfy Hoodie that comes in three different colors and we even have sweatpants! 🤯🤩

Chipotle Fundraiser | December 12th

Thanks for all of your continued support through tough times ❤️. What's a better way to continue your support than coming to our Chipotle Fundraiser LOL 🤩🤩🥳. Who knows? Maybe you'll run into a friendly face and catch up with a friend while you're there! Contact an Eboard member for any questions.

UMCP KSA x VSA: Secret Santa | December 10th

Open gifts and play some fun holiday-themed games with you VSA & KSA friends!🙂

Spirit of Saigon | November 13th

Come learn more about Vietnamese food, history, and celebrate the Vietnamese culture with us 🥰. Also did we forget.... MIKE BOW WILL BE THERE!!!! As well as other performances including UMBC’s very own Huy Le!! 🤩 Hope to see you all there!!

Vietnam Flood Relief | November 8th

With the recent events that have happened in Vietnam, we have decided to fundraise and donate money to Blue Dragon for flood relief! Check out any e-board members' Instagram stories and pick a challenge to donate. Anything helps!🙂

November GBM | November 5th

Learn how to be a part of VSA’s biggest event of the year: Family Night! And play some family feud with us after! 🙂

Spooptober GBM | October 15th

HAPPY SPOOPTOBER! ☠ are you looking for PUMPKIN to do next week? 🎃 Well you’re in for a real TREAT! 🍬 Join VSA’s SPOOPTOBER GBM next Thursday at 6:30 PM for some WICKED games 🕸 including a scavenger hunt, skribblio, brokenpicturephone, and among us 👀 we hope to see your BOOtiful faces on zoom 👻 share this event to your friends and if you don’t be prepared for a TRICKY semester with bad luck 🍀

Banh Mi & Sticker Fundraiser | September 18th-27th

We're well into our fall semester of college, so it's time to treat yourself to a delicious Vietnamese sandwich and some super cute stickers 😌😮!

VSA101 | September 17th

Whats a better way to welcome fall than VSA101🤯? Come out to see old and new friends while social distancing! We will talk about all the cool events we have planned for the year and play some games together. Come out to VSA101 to join in on some fun activites and learn more about VSA! 🤩🤩

VSA Orientation | September 8th-11th

Interested in joining UMCP VSA? We know next semester is a little different from others, so we are here to help! Orientation is for getting to know new people and for allowing new members to adjust and get to know us! Join us for some fun online activities and bonding time 🥳😊
This event is focused on introducing incoming freshmen, transfer students, first-timers who want to experience what it's like to be in our VSA family!

UMCP VSA T-shirt Fundraiser | August 17th-31st

Woahhhh!! Cool, new, limited-edition VSA merch for the fall semester? Say less!! We've designed new merch that is only available from NOW until AUGUST 30th! You can either place your order through VSA and pick up or buy it on your own!! 🥳😍⭐️

Ok Zoomer! | May 21st

Want to relieve stress after exams?? This is your perfect opportunity! Catch up with friends who you haven't seen in awhile and play fun games or learn quarantine skills like origami or magic. Word is that there might even be a raffle 👀👀👀.... did someone say exclusive VSA merch🥰🥰?? Stay tuned for future announcements!!