Tiffany Cao / President

Senior, Bioengineering

VSA STORY: I joined VSA by meeting the members during rec volleyball!

FAVORITE EVENT: Lunar Lanterns because it’s a great cultural event that introduces our new members (and people just passing by!) to our culture.

WHY VSA: You can find your family and a great space for your creativity or leadership skills to develop!

ADVICE: Balance, balance, balance! College will be over before you know it so don’t spend all your time studying, but don’t spend all your time NOT studying either!

PREVIOUS POSITIONS: Internal Vice President (2019), Public Relations (2018)

Andrew Thai / Internal Vice President /

Junior, Computer Science, General Business minor

VSA STORY: While waiting in line to attend a soccer game, I met up with my older sister and her VSA friends. They encouraged me to attend the events during VSA Month, and ever since then, I have kept coming back.

FAVORITE EVENT: Lunar Lanterns because of how beautiful the lights look at night and Family Night because how enjoyable it is to meet new people and perform with friends.

WHY VSA: Most of my favorite memories and closest friends from college have come from this organization. There are honestly a lot of great people in this community, and I hope that everyone can have the same type of experience that I did.

ADVICE: Enjoy every moment, give it your all, and always look forward.

Kyle Nguyen / External Vice President

Junior, Computer Engineering

PREVIOUS POSITION: Magazine Director (2019)

Jimmy Nguyen / Co-Treasurer /

Junior, Computer Science

VSA STORY: My older brother and sister were deeply involved with VSA and they introduced me as a freshman. I fell in love at first sight with VSA and the Asian community on campus, so I was hooked since the start!

FAVORITE EVENT: Family Night because it's always showed the best of what VSA has to offer. So many people are coming together and working all on the culture show and having such a fun time while doing it! I've made a lot of good memories and precious relationships because of Family Night.

WHY VSA: VSA has so much to offer that it's hard to believe. There are so many people and resources available with VSA that you can connect too. Plus, it's free!

ADVICE: Be proactive. A lot of people don't realize how much control they have over their own lives and future. If you ever felt like something should be done or changed, then you should take the first step in doing it! You'll be amazed at how far you can get in life by just putting in a tiny bit more effort than others do.

PREVIOUS POSITION: Family Night Director (2019)

Henry Tran / Co-Treasurer

Junior, Physiology and Neurobiology

VSA STORY: I met Britney Chung in a class and she introduced VSA to me.

FAVORITE EVENT: Family Night because the collective effort of everyone to put on a good show is impressive and it is fun to see everyone practicing and having fun together.

WHY VSA: To build friendships and a family to help you get through college, and also to find your lifelong friends.

ADVICE: Don't give up and adapt. Unplanned things can come up, just like our year, but executive board members moved quickly to find solutions and alternatives.

Kimberlie Phung / Secretary /

Sophomore, Psychology

VSA STORY: I joined VSA because I was messaged by one of the VSA executive board members to come out to one of the events! I decided to keep going to the events because I enjoyed meeting different people :)

FAVORITE EVENT: Lunar Lanterns because it is a night filled with beautiful decorations, delicious food, and fun games.

WHY VSA: It is a positive and welcoming community of people who admire their culture.

ADVICE: Live in the moment and always know that VSA is a family that you can always rely on.

Kaitlyn Tang / Co-Public Relations /

Sophomore, Genetic Biology, Spanish minor

VSA STORY: Connor Lu and Matthew Nguyen told me to come with them to an event and I was like “nah” but then I gave into peer pressure so here I am.

FAVORITE EVENT: Lunar Lanterns because I love the moment when we release the lanterns and everyone is silent standing with their significant others or friends just admiring them floating beautifully.

WHY VSA: You get to learn more about and embrace Viet culture while expanding your network not only at UMD but the whole mid-atlantic region!

ADVICE: Life is short so if you want to do something then do it and have fun while you’re doing it.

Sophia Vu / Co-Public Relations /

Sophomore, Physiology and Neurobiology

VSA STORY: I first found out about VSA from my cousin who was on the board of her VSA at VT. I came out to the first GBM, banh mi fundraiser, but really got involved after ACE week.

FAVORITE EVENT: Family Night because it's so rewarding to see all of our hard work pay off and watch the amazing work that we came up with together.

WHY VSA: Great friends and memories can be made.

ADVICE: Don't be afraid to take risks!

Cindy Vo / AASU Representative /

Sophomore, Economics, Sustainability minor

VSA STORY: Britney Chung and Rose Tran baited me into going to VSA Summer Retreat 2018, whole time they weren't going themselves....and that was the beginning of this whole journey.

FAVORITE EVENT: Family Night, because all of those hard and long practices pay off to put on the beautiful show! Culture show season is so rewarding because after our Family Night, we are able to travel to other Mid Atlantic Region VSA's and watch their cultural shows - a great way to network with new people and learn more about Vietnamese culture.

WHY VSA: To feel a sense of community who share the same interests and values as you. To open doors you never thought even would have existed. To learn about Vietnamese culture. To be unapologetically you.

ADVICE: Work hard, play hard! Plain and simple.


Sandra Nguyen / Historian

Sophomore, Nursing

Matthew Nguyen / Family Night Director /

Sophomore, Business Marketing, Magic minor

VSA STORY: I heard Daniel Luu talk about it all the time, but I didn't want to join it. But then I tried it out and now I'm here on executive board lol.

FAVORITE EVENT: Family Night because we all work together to accomplish something huge and seeing the end result of our hard work is incredibly satisfying.

WHY VSA: VSA is open to EVERYONE! You don't have to be Vietnamese at all to join. In fact, we have a LOT of people who aren't Vietnamese who join our organization! Also, VSA is like their second family to most people. The people in this organization are charismatic and incredibly caring.

ADVICE: Don't be afraid to express yourself and try new things. I've experienced a TON of new things when I joined VSA and it shaped me to the person I am today. For future executive board, go beyond your role. If everyone can take initiative by volunteering to handle events or tasks, then everything will be MUCH easier. BE EXTRA!!


Amy Tran / Magazine Director /

Sophomore, Cell Biology and Genetics

VSA STORY: Shoutout to Britney Chung and Rose Tran for convincing me to come out to summer retreat before I was even officially a freshman. I met and instantly clicked with some fun people and that's when I knew that it was the start of something new.

FAVORITE EVENT: VSA 101! I remember the excitement and chatter that filled the huge room as new faces merged with familiar faces. Whether they were there because of the free pizza or because they were dragged there, everyone got to learn more about VSA and meet each other, and it's really nice to say I've seen a lot of the same faces at every GBM ever since!

WHY VSA: VSA is an energetic community with lifelong memories and friends always waiting to be made, and countless cultural and social events to attend and learn from. Get involved to find out what Vietnamese culture is all about, and to find out what doors VSA can open for you!

ADVICE: You get out what you put in! Whether you want to be heavily involved in VSA or just come out to an event here and there, there is always a place for you. So make the most of your time and don't be afraid to broaden your horizons!


Connor Lu / Activities Chair /

Sophomore, General Biology, General Business minor

VSA STORY: Matthew Nguyen and I were persuaded to come out to VSA events by a family friend who was a former VSA president, Daniel Luu. I went out to the first event and had a really good time and had fun meeting so many people that were similar to me, so I decided to stay.

FAVORITE EVENT: ACE Week because it's so much fun getting to see new faces and meet different people. It's extremely rewarding to finally meet your big or little and to get to call them your family.

WHY VSA: For our fun events throughout the year, the opportunity to meet with and connect with amazing people, and to learn more about Vietnamese culture!

ADVICE: Be friendly and get to meet as many people as you can!! Make the most out of this opportunity to form close friendships, learn about Vietnamese tradition, and have fun!


Jack Zhao / Sports Chair /

Sophomore, Computer Science & Finance

VSA STORY: Got baited :)

FAVORITE EVENT: VSA101 because there are a lot of new people that come out for the first time. It's also nice seeing returning members.

WHY VSA: We're one big family.

ADVICE: Don't take anything for granted because time flies by so fast.

Richard Do / Senior Advisor /

Senior, Computer Science, Innovation minor

VSA STORY: I attended ACE week my freshmen year.

FAVORITE EVENT: Family Night because it’s really cool to see how people work together to put together a beautiful performance.

WHY VSA: You might meet some of your closest friends in this organization.

ADVICE: I recommend that everyone should be a team player and be by people’s side when they need help the most. It’s a matter of putting your best self forward while being aware of how you are around other general or executive board members.

PREVIOUS POSITION: Activities Chair (2018)

Tri Hoang / Senior Advisor

Senior, Government and Politics, Sustainability minor

Chris Tien / Alumni Advisor

Full Title at Real Job

PREVIOUS POSITIONS: President (2019), External Vice President (2018), Activities Chair (2017)

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