UMCP VSA 43rd Family Night


March 27, 2021 | 7:00 PM
Youtube Livestream


The Vietnamese Secret Association (VSA) is an organization created to oversee the state of Vietnam and ensure that its citizens are taken care of. VSA has sent its number one spy to America undercover as a college student to infiltrate and control the US’ heads in order to send much needed resources and money to the poor Vietnam. Their mission is to infiltrate the White House in order to plant a bug that controls the conscience of the leader of the US, who will then plant the bugs into the rest of the US leaders. Spy #1, also known as Logan Tran, is a stoic, focused individual who prides on his loyalty to VSA leader Co Lanh and Vietnam. Logan arrives in a new, non-impoverished world but at first struggles to integrate cleanly due to the differences between his and the US’ culture. He meets his roommate, Jay Nguyen, who has been raised in American culture. The spy has to provide a mission report update to the Leader of VSA at the end of every 2 weeks and must accomplish his mission on an upcoming field trip to Washington DC at the end of the second semester. Over time, Logan has a little too much fun as a college student and eventually ignores the mission, which leads to dire consequences as his eyes open up to the true nature of people outside of Vietnam.

Chris Tran


This year's Family Night is more different than usual. Because of COVID-19 restrictions, we had to adapt with online practices, social distancing, and constant COVID testing. After months of hard work and patience, we were able to put togehter a show and it was a lot of fun. I want to thank everyone that participated, especially the committee heads. You guys relieve a lot of pressure and I know for a fact that I can rely on everyone to create the best show possible. Pseudo Paradise is a story about understanding and creating a bridge between different cultures. Hopefully, it inspires everyone to eliminate hate and learn to empathize. There will be amazing dances, fashion, performances, and acting. Come out to the Youtube stream and have fun!


Family Night is our annual Spring cultural show, showcasing Vietnamese culture. The show includes a skit, integrated with traditional fashion, traditional dance, modern fashion, modern dance, commercials, and other performances!

Each year, the VSA community, family, and friends come together to celebrate the hard work of the community and reminisce on the fond memories created through months of practice.
Instead of a live performance at STAMP Hoff Theater, this year's Family Night is VIRTUAL! Each performance is pre-recorded and edited, and will be premiered on Livestream for all to enjoy.

A big thank you to all the performers for their committment to virtual practices, following our COVID safety protocols, and making Family Night 43 a magical experience. We also thank the Video and Editing Crew for all their hard work to make this virtual experience possible.
On March 27 at 7:00pm, head over to the Livestream tab to watch the show live and chat in real time with other viewers!

Join us on the VSA Discord for a watch party the day of:
Góp Gió (meaning "catching wind") is the magazine that UMCP VSA distributes every year to highlight events, accomplishments, and the diversity of our community as we continue to learn about our culture and carry on traditions.

This year, our magazine is electronic! Look back on our 2020-2021 memories by clicking on the Magazine tab!
Anyone can attend Family Night! Family Night is a family-friendly show!
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